aisu_shishuku (aisu_shishuku) wrote,

Ahh I had an interesting day. My best freind Chloe has just made the Highschool dance team and I'm just so proud. I wanted to watch her try out but they told me that I wasn't allowed to. Haha, I snuck by and watched through the little window on the gym door anyways. She was quite good though! I felt so sneaky while I watched. Every now and then a teacher would walk by and I would quickly hide myself behing a trophy case.
Well, me and Dan have decided to just be freainds now because he's moving to a different highschool now and it would be kinda hard to communicate. Feh, and he killed his LJ too! Haha I don't blame him, he got in alot of trouble with his dad recently so, yeah. Woohoo I'm single again!
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-pats Yukina-chan- aww, you're not sad at all?
Nah, i'm okay, were still freinds^^