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Meme from emogyrlskyttlez because she is cool.

Actual Name- Yukina Vitalie

First Remembered Nickname - Yuki-poo, Yukes, Sphaghetti(do not ask),Yoko,Sweetie,Love,Yukina-baby

Oddest nickname - Derrek.

First Relationship-based Nickname - none.

Most Embarrassing Nickname - "Sneaky Beast" because one day I tried to spy on someone...and failed.

Most Random Nickname - The flying peasant of North Dacota.

Favorite Nickname - Yuki-chan

Latest Nickname - Don huan.

Self-Made Nickname - Haha sometimes i call my self Yukel Smith.

Name You Have Bestowed Upon Others - Shelby is shelbinator,Amanda is man,Chloe is Chloems or Councillor Jetter Smithian, John is Charles, Kyle is Carlos,Sasha is Sashka,Sarah is Sarskey,Leah is Dianne,Robert is Miguel Alphinonzeh,Rafiel is Raffy, Satoshii is Freakboy, Shuuichi is Shuu-chan, Piotr is FreakyPolishkid,Garret is The cute little boy who played T-rex,

One Thing About A Nickname you Hate - In my school classes my teachers often pronounce my name wrong because most of them are idiots. The say Yukino or once someone called me Yokona.

~*~The interactive part~*~

Pick a New Nickname For Me, Or Explain Why You Call Me By A Certain Nickname
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