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Spontanious combustion doesn't just happen

you have to set yourself on fire first

6/17/05 11:19 pm

Hmm, events of my day, well I do have to say I miss school. Sleeping in class, showing up the smart arse people, annoying the vice principal, man, good times, good times...

Well the most exciting thing that happened to me was that I found a song called Dragostea Din Tei (mostly known as "The Numa Numa song")
Its a great song, and its all in Romainian. Well, I heard a remix of it and for some reason the singers sounded alot like the Japanese dubbed voice of Jakotsu and Renkotsu...It was so strange, I kept picturing them doing the "numa numa dance"( http://www.funpic.hu/swf/numanuma.html )and was thoughrouly creeped out XD I swear in the remix it sounded exactly like them!

6/16/05 12:58 pm

....What doese Btw mean?

6/15/05 02:25 am

haha SeshomarouXRenkotsu, my OTP xD

6/15/05 02:12 am - Mukuro is just so unbelievably cool.

I keep seeing fanarts of Mukuro in a kimono, so thought I'd do my own (DAMN YELLOW PAPER!)

hehe I drew this after watching episode 100 of YYH with chloe. Chloe has a little brother who is 4 years old and he walked in on us and started watching a little bit. We had to make him go away because it wasn't a very good episode for someone his age. This is our conversation while he was there.(his name is Donovan)

Donovan: Whys that guy got toilet paper on his head Yuka?(he can't pronounce my name so he calls me that)

Yukina: Ah, actually its a girl.

Donovan. Oh. Whys that girl got toilet paper on her head?

Chloe: Someone put it there.

Donovan: Who did that sissy?

Chloe: Hiei did.

Donovan: Why did he do that?

Yukina: Because he has problems.

Donovan: What kind of problems?

Chloe: Mental ones.

Donovan: *giggles* He's silly.

Chloe&Yukina: xD *die from cuteness*




6/14/05 10:46 pm

Ahh I had an interesting day. My best freind Chloe has just made the Highschool dance team and I'm just so proud. I wanted to watch her try out but they told me that I wasn't allowed to. Haha, I snuck by and watched through the little window on the gym door anyways. She was quite good though! I felt so sneaky while I watched. Every now and then a teacher would walk by and I would quickly hide myself behing a trophy case.
Well, me and Dan have decided to just be freainds now because he's moving to a different highschool now and it would be kinda hard to communicate. Feh, and he killed his LJ too! Haha I don't blame him, he got in alot of trouble with his dad recently so, yeah. Woohoo I'm single again!

6/13/05 10:08 am

Alright. My friend Katie has just been diagnosed with cancer, as in leukemia. The worst part is I can't even BE THERE for her because she moved to Pennsylvania last month. I don't know what to do, they said that she'd had it for a little while now so I'm worried and I feel powerless to help her.This is getting me SERIOUSLY frustrated, shes one of my close freinds. I've asked my parents if I could see her, but they said no because I can't miss my summer art classes. FREINDS ARE MORE IMPORTANT! ARGH! Shes at a hospital right now, theyre not sure If she's gonna recover or not though. I'll get that info by the end of the week I think, but I'm not sure I want to know...

6/11/05 11:33 am - Meme from emogyrlskyttlez because she is cool.

Actual Name- Yukina Vitalie

First Remembered Nickname - Yuki-poo, Yukes, Sphaghetti(do not ask),Yoko,Sweetie,Love,Yukina-baby

Oddest nickname - Derrek.

First Relationship-based Nickname - none.

Most Embarrassing Nickname - "Sneaky Beast" because one day I tried to spy on someone...and failed.

Most Random Nickname - The flying peasant of North Dacota.

Favorite Nickname - Yuki-chan

Latest Nickname - Don huan.

Self-Made Nickname - Haha sometimes i call my self Yukel Smith.

Name You Have Bestowed Upon Others - Shelby is shelbinator,Amanda is man,Chloe is Chloems or Councillor Jetter Smithian, John is Charles, Kyle is Carlos,Sasha is Sashka,Sarah is Sarskey,Leah is Dianne,Robert is Miguel Alphinonzeh,Rafiel is Raffy, Satoshii is Freakboy, Shuuichi is Shuu-chan, Piotr is FreakyPolishkid,Garret is The cute little boy who played T-rex,

One Thing About A Nickname you Hate - In my school classes my teachers often pronounce my name wrong because most of them are idiots. The say Yukino or once someone called me Yokona.

~*~The interactive part~*~

Pick a New Nickname For Me, Or Explain Why You Call Me By A Certain Nickname
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