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Mukuro is just so unbelievably cool.

I keep seeing fanarts of Mukuro in a kimono, so thought I'd do my own (DAMN YELLOW PAPER!)

hehe I drew this after watching episode 100 of YYH with chloe. Chloe has a little brother who is 4 years old and he walked in on us and started watching a little bit. We had to make him go away because it wasn't a very good episode for someone his age. This is our conversation while he was there.(his name is Donovan)

Donovan: Whys that guy got toilet paper on his head Yuka?(he can't pronounce my name so he calls me that)

Yukina: Ah, actually its a girl.

Donovan. Oh. Whys that girl got toilet paper on her head?

Chloe: Someone put it there.

Donovan: Who did that sissy?

Chloe: Hiei did.

Donovan: Why did he do that?

Yukina: Because he has problems.

Donovan: What kind of problems?

Chloe: Mental ones.

Donovan: *giggles* He's silly.

Chloe&Yukina: xD *die from cuteness*




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